Augmented Reality


What is Augmented Reality?


The Augmented Reality is a new high quality software tool. Thanks to Augmented Reality the 3 dimension models can be combined with real objects in the real environment. In the augmented virtual environment beside 3 dimension models also videos, animations can be created and introduced.



How does Augmented Reality work?


The operation of Augmented Reality is very easy. For the operation a simple webcam, a marker and the Augmented Reality application is necessary.  The webcam gives a picture of a real world in which we place our marker. The marker can be printed easily. Basically this is a black and white rectangles picture with appropriate drawing in the middle.






The Augmented Reality application analyzes the picture of your webcam, and then places in the space the pre-programmed 3D object according to position of identified marker. Of course, by moving the marker on the screen the 3D figure, picture, video, animation also begins to move. Approaching the marker the picture becomes bigger and moving away the marker the dimension of the picture decreases.


Try it for yourself!



For what the Augmented Reality can be used?

The use of Augmented Reality applications is very diverse. This is extremely suitable for education, advertising, online marketing. Thanks to power of novelty grabs the user by showing the objects in 3D with restoring the original shape of the object. The specialty of the software lies in its interactivity because by moving the marker the user becomes the party of virtual world.

Augmented Reality application is also perfect for any area where the target is to generate interest in attracting the attention of the target group.

Such areas in particular:

- Education
- Marketing communication


Other areas in which the application can be an excellent supporting tool:

- Engineering,  design visualization
- Entertainment
- Presentation